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well worth the investment for our family

Our experience with Off-Leash K9 was wonderful! Our trainer did a fantastic job training Summer during her 3 week board and train. We appreciated the daily reports with photos and videos so we could follow her progress. It was amazing to see what she was learning! At home we are practicing together and applying her new skills to our daily routines. We can now enjoy the experience of taking our dog for a walk! Summer 2.0 has been obedient and calm, but still energetic and playful as ever. He has been very helpful during Summer’s transition home; very responsive and answering any questions we have. This training was well worth the investment for our family. I highly recommend Off-Leash K9 Training.

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Joan M.  // Verified Google Review

I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Absolutely the best dog trainers hands down. STOP searching – this is the place to get your dog trained. They offer private one-on-one lessons, the trainers are top notch and care about your needs – and most importantly the dog’s. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
testimonial 11
Antonio B.  // Verified Local Guide

highly recommend great great company

Our Trainer was great she was amazing with our husky Poseidon his birthday even came while he was being boarded with her and she gave him a birthday treat hat and little celebration she was very good at keeping us updated sent photos and videos he did very good and she stays in contact with us even after training highly recommend great great company.

testimonial 10
Laura C.   // Verified Google Review

100% worth the price

Our trainer was amazing . I highly recommend them to train your puppy. They are 100% worth the price and the guarantee is such a stress relief. Their communication is awesome, every day we got pictures and videos and text about what she worked on that day and how she is doing. Our girl is so much better behaved and it’s all because of him.

testimonial 9
Melissa D.  // Verified Local Guide

I would definitely recommend

Our trainer was wonderful with our dog! Mia had a handful of issues that we weren’t able to correct (like sitting or staying) and within the first day our trainer had already corrected a few. She would always keep us updated on Mia and send plenty of pictures. I would definitely recommend Off leash K9 Training to anyone!
testimonial 8
Brian S.  // Verified Google Review

Amazing job!

She did an amazing job with our babies! We can now walk both of them in tandem without pulling or erratic behavior. Eli (left) went for aggression and Stella (right) went for basic obedience. Stella was very skittish/nervous and would submissive pee a lot and now she’s gained all the confidence in the world. I would definitely recommend our trainer and Off Leash K9 training to anyone looking for professional dog training!

testimonial 7
Bianca A.   // Verified Google Review

Best money we ever spent!

We had an amazing experience with Off Leash K9! Our trainer was kind, communicative, and effective with our 5 year old Black Lab rescue. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? She certainly impressed us with the videos and photos of our dog heeling and staying in down command for 30+ minutes. Best money we ever spent!

testimonial 6
Hillary T.  // Verified Google Review

we are so grateful

Off leash was amazing and  the trainer was even better. We are two months removed from Greenbean having his training and we can literally take him anywhere without his leash. The training has upheld through his teen stages and we are so grateful that we made the investment in this training

testimonial 5
Earl M.   // Verified Google Review

Great experience!

We had a great experience with Off Leash K9 Training with our mini Newfydoodle, Zoey. We were somewhat nervous about leaving Zoey with a “stranger” for 2 weeks, but Our trainer was wonderful. We really appreciated the daily updates and looked forward to them each evening. We also really appreciated the coaching we received at turnover time. Before training, Zoey spent the majority of her time in her crate because she was too rambunctious and out of control for our family (4 kids under 7). Since training, she is still her spunky, energetic self. However, now that she knows her boundaries, she is able to be fully integrated into our family. It’s everything we hoped for!

testimonial 4

Maria S.  // Verified Google Review

fabulous experience

We’ve sent our 9 month old Great Dane to Off Leash board and train. It was a fabulous experience. Our girl had zero recall and only listened to commands with the reward of a treat. Off Leash returned her to us in great shape, with a reliable recall and a training tool to get her to follow commands. Our girl is less anxious and scared, and our house is much more peaceful!

Our trainer sent pictures and videos daily so we could see the progress our girl was making. It was amazing to watch her progression!

testimonial 3

Melissa H.   // Verified Google Review

highly recommend this training

We had a great experience with Off Leash K9 and especially our trainer! She was caring, enthusiastic, and professional. We received daily report cards about our dog, Lucky, which were detailed and thorough. We felt up to date on everything that was going on throughout the training. Every night our family would read the reports together and view the videos and photos. During our pick up we felt supported, heard, and had all of our questions (and more) answered. Thank you! We now feel we have another amazing support resource in the community. We feel more confident with Lucky and have already noticed a change in his listening and responding to commands better. We would highly recommend this training Off Leash K9!

testimonial 2

Heather C.  // Verified Google Review

completely transformed

Our trainer with Off Leash K9 is amazing! She took our 1 year old goldendoodle Duff for 2 weeks. When I got him back he was completely transformed. He was so well behaved and followed all the commands. She was great through the entire process. She sent me daily report cards with tons of pictures and videos. I highly recommend her as a trainer. Even after I picked him up I knew I had support from our trainer no matter what issues would arise or of he needed a refresh course. Thank you!

testimonial 1
Christine T.   // Verified Google Review
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