Advanced Obedience

Our Advanced Obedience Program consist of 4 additional lessons where your dog can learn an additional 4 command or increase his reliability around distractions.  You and your dog must complete the Basic program before you can begin the Advanced program.  Your choice of the following commands.

  • Extended Distance Sit (sit on command given from a distance)
  • Extended Distance Down (down on command given from a distance)
  • Come to Heel (return to the heel position from a distance)
  • Watch (maintain eye contact with you until released)
  • Through (come around your right leg and sit between your legs)
  • Stand (assume a standing position on command)
  • Front (come and sit directly in front of you, facing you)
  • Touch (put front paws on an object)
  • Emergency Stop (stop and sit or down in motion)
  • Send away (go place on an object from a distance)
  • Load up (get in a vehicle)
  • PLUS several others.

*Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 – 45 minutes and schedule lessons 1 week apart.