Basic Obedience

Our Basic Obedience Program consist of 4 private lessons, an e-collar and a training lead. This program not only teaches your dog to be reliably obedient on and off leash, it also teaches you how to work with your dog.  We show you how to correct most problem behaviors at the first lesson. At the end of this program, most dogs are outside, off leash following these commands.

  • Come when called
  • Sit (sit and stay in a sit until released)
  • Break (our release command)
  • Off (used to stop unwanted behavior: jumping, trash digging, etc.)
  • Place (come to you and sit on an object until released)
  • Heel (stay at your side while walking, loose leash or off leash)
  • Down (lay down and hold that position until released)

*Be prepared to practice daily for at least 30 – 45 minutes and schedule lessons 1 week apart.